Getting Certified-AS9102 Aerospace Implementation & Quality Management Systems- ISO Pros #3

Getting Certified & Implementing Aerospace AS9102

Although AS9102 isn’t a formal requirement for aerospace companies that fabricate or produce components and parts, they will get great benefits from it. Starting with the fact they will be recognized globally. Now, implementing ISO standards and obtaining certifications isn’t a simple, fast, and easy task to take.

Every standard comes with a large document where you will find listed all the elements and aspects to consider in order to meet the requirements and obtain the final approval. Since the list of aspects is quite long and companies require effort to make sure they are following the right steps and moving in the right direction, time will be the best ally. Therefore, keep in mind that following the document and norms on it won’t be something you can rush and expect to complete within a short period of time.

Instead, it will take you time, and depending on how capable you are of meeting all the requirements and making the proper and needed changes, the implementation will be faster or slower. That being said, the same companies or organizations that provide you with the certification once you meet all requirements also provide consulting, guidance, and auditing to make it happen.

That being said, how can you obtain certification for AS9102 and from who? Several organizations in the United States can provide you with it. We at ISO Pros have been helping and supporting businesses and aerospace companies for over a decade by implementing Aerospace AS9102 in a systematic and pragmatic way. This has allowed them to obtain consistent documentation, which is a requirement for aerospace components FAI.

Our professionals will go through the entire process with you and make sure you cover all your ISO needs. Since AS9102 is aiming for First Article Inspection to help you reduce the failures in your production and identify the reasons behind them, we will help you to meet every customer’s requirement. After all, it is a matter of meeting them in order to deliver not only a high-quality product but also one that covers all the needs of your customers.

  • Tooling.
  • Documentation.
  • Quality.

How long will it take to obtain an AS9102 certification?

It always depends on the company and its ability to adapt and change. No aerospace company meets all the aspects and elements written in the standard and guidance document from AS9102 before even starting to implement it.

Therefore, changes will be the first thing to take place and they will be continuous until you meet all the requirements defined in several clauses inside the document. Now, what we can tell you is that it won’t take a couple of days.

Our experts and qualified auditors will be there to ensure the process and implementation is much faster and accurate. However, you also have to put a lot of effort and time to obtain the certification.

Most aerospace companies we have helped over the years were able to obtain it after a few weeks or in only a month after our experts visited them and started providing consulting and auditing. We recommend you to not think about the days, weeks, or months this implementation might take you.

Instead, focus yourself on doing things right and making sure that all the efforts and time we will invest in supporting you to provide your company with the certification won’t go to waste.


How to get certified with us

At ISO Pros, we will provide you with the corresponding certification once you meet all the requirements from the ISO standard—as mentioned before. Getting certified with our organization isn’t out of this world nor something you need to think too much about. Just like any other company, you only need to contact us and we will provide you with a brief overview of all the aspects and elements we will help you to cover to achieve your certification.

If you have questions and doubts before even contacting us to request our ISO standard implementation and certification, you’re welcome to ask them and let us know. Some of the most common ones are related to how do we provide certification and consulting options at the same time. As a certification company, we not only go to your company and evaluate it in order to determine if it meets all the requirements or not.

Part of our goal and job is to help you achieve and meet every single one of the requirements and elements in the document. When you don’t meet one or a couple of them, we will leave you some tips and support you to carry out the necessary changes or additions for the next auditing. When there’s nothing to change or adjust, and all the aspects from the document are met, we will give you your seal of approval in this standard right away.

There’s a lot to consider and think about when it comes to obtaining a certification—as you can see. But when it comes to us as the ones providing you with it, things are simpler than you think. We mentioned before that this standard isn’t a formal requirement for your company to operate.

However, we assure you its implementation is worth it thanks to all the improvements and benefits you achieve and obtain from it. And unlike other standards that don’t qualify as necessary in aerospace companies, this is quite recognizable for all your potential customers around the world—not only in the United States. To get started and certified, make sure to give us a call or send an email right away inquiring about our consulting, training, implementation, and auditing resources.

We will support you in all your ISO standard needs and ensure that AS9102 is being well-implemented. Following this standard can be a bit complex and heavy for some companies, especially those starting and quite new in the aerospace industry. However, we assure you that you will not struggle, and all the benefits—which you can have a look at in a different section of our website—will make all the effort and time worth it.

Contact us today and we will start as soon as possible for you to get certified in Aerospace AS9102 in no time.