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Benefits of Aerospace AS9102

All certificates have recognition. Therefore, you can start looking at AS9102 in this proper and specific way. When you are certified in an area and meet some requirements that, according to a reliable organization are the right ones to guarantee amazing services or products, you are earning a lot by knowing this alone. And of course, your customers and clients are also confident about something: you give and provide what you promise.

Many companies have asked us why would they spend time and effort in obtaining certifications and implementing some standards. After all, there is a specific list for each industry—in this case, aerospace—that indicates and names all the standards and ISO’s necessary and required for any company in that business item. In the case of Aerospace AS9102, the main reason why people ask the benefits of it is that this standard isn’t obligatory, which means you can either implement it or not.

Now, following the previous idea, some certifications—even when they are not strictly necessary—can boost your company in different areas. Such as production, marketing, customer satisfaction, and more. And even when they are not part of the list of standards aerospace companies implement, you will notice the difference when having the certification or not right after a customer comes to you. Or when you are carrying out your production processes, dealing with some issues in your company, or other aspects and elements depending on the standard you’re implementing.

Since AS9102 focuses on First Article Inspection, you will notice an improvement right away after starting to inspect and evaluate random components or parts from your first batch or lot. Now, this is something you get to know when you’re starting to learn about the ISO and all the requirements and norms written on it. But in general, which benefits come with its implementation?

The list is longer than you might think, but you also need to keep in mind that obtaining the benefits also depends on how you implement the standard and if you make it possible.


What’s the main benefit that leads companies to implement it?

This is hard to tell, especially if you have a specific goal or objective for your business when considering following AS9102. However, in our opinion, there’s one that summarizes most of the benefits which leads it to be the main one: global recognition. Implementing ISOs allows companies like yours to have a seal of approval, almost literally.

Of course, this is after you are done implementing it and obtaining the corresponding certification. When you go for this specific standard, you are obtaining recognition in the Aerospace industry that tells people and future customers one thing: you are capable of producing high-quality parts and components. In this industry, this is usually 10 times more important than in more regular or common business items.

After all, fabricating parts for aerospace vehicles isn’t something to take lightly, and we all know what a part that isn’t well-built or fabricated can cause long-term. Meeting all the requirements from this standard will take you to the next level in the industry by setting industry benchmarks for sourcing suppliers, access to better opportunities, and deals.

Therefore, you can have a very good idea of some of the extra benefits by only knowing the main one.

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Direct benefits you must know about

For someone new in the industry and with ISO standards, things can be a bit slower or more difficult to understand even when we only discuss the benefits of implementing them.

However, we want to make it simple since there is a mistake most companies—and their owners—make: think that ISOs and standards are way too complicated.

More than difficult, we consider them exhausting since the list of requirements to meet to obtain the certification is long.

But our company, ISO Pros, is here to help you with everything and we assure you that once you know the benefits, you will understand why most aerospace companies decide to go for it despite not being a formal requirement.

  • Helps to reduce operating costs: most standards and ISO’s share one characteristic; they are aiming and useful to save money in all processes and companies’ production. With AS9102, you are looking to identify the components and parts that are considered failures since they have defects, issues, or don’t meet all the requirements to deliver them to the customer.

    When you do this, you are also searching and learning more about the problems and reasons that cause your production to obtain more failures than it should. This only leads to one thing: improvement. After all, the information and documentation you obtain will work as records and reports to implement new techniques and get to meet the requirements from the standard. With improvements comes efficiency, and both of them means money saved.

  • Customer satisfaction: being able to produce and deliver aerospace components that meet all the customers’ requirements shows how dependable and reliable your service is.

    Besides, the simple idea of keeping your customers and clients happy explains quite well why it is worth it to invest time, effort, and money in this standard.

  • FAI (First Article Inspection) is all that matters: when keeping in mind the main focus of the standard, you can come up with several benefits that are implicit. First Article Inspection is quite important if a company wants to correct certain actions or processes, which takes us to a benefit mentioned briefly above.

    However, to be more specific with it, AS9102 allows you to isolate the problem itself and work in a solution without affecting the performance of your company. Besides, it is important to point out that the benefits you will obtain when keeping this in mind won’t be only reflected in your processes.

    One thing this standard aims for is to provide useful documentation and therefore, information, that addresses the problems and aspects you need to solve and change.

We assure you that it is worth it to invest in this standard, and regret will never be a word in your vocabulary when implementing it and going for the certification.

With our support and guidance provided for our experienced, qualified, and validated auditors and consultants, we will help you to speed up the process with a systematic and practical way to implement it.